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P Wolfe Owner’s Representative Service: Saves You Time And Money

We know our way around the complex regulatory maze that applies to building and construction in and around New York City.

Ask anyone who has tried to build or renovate a commercial or residential property in or around New York City: A special expertise is often required beyond that of an architect, engineer or contractor – the expertise of anticipating, addressing and expediting compliance for zoning, building codes and other construction regulations.

P.Wolfe is your owners representative of choice in New York

What makes us extra special is that as architects and engineers ourselves, we understand your language and needs as well as the special languages of such agencies as:

  • New York City Department of Buildings New York City
  • Department of Transportation New York City
  • Department of Health New York City
  • Landmark Preservation Commission New York City
  • Department of City Planning (Zoning)
  • New York City Department of Consumer Affairs

We assess the regulatory feasibility of a project from the design stage, reviewing drawings against our thorough knowledge of the New York City Zoning Resolution and the New York City Building Code.

We help you finish all your construction projects. No need to get your hands dirty! We do it all for you!!!

We anticipate regulatory issues, obviating the need for costly mid-course corrections. We facilitate the approvals process. We coordinate permit issuance and construction timetables for all the building trades.

And, in the end, our services save our clients time and money by preventing construction overruns due to inadequate planning and by facilitating earlier occupancy of the property.

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Owner’s Representative: What I Need to Know

An owner’s representative is a well versed professional aimed at providing the owner with the peace of mind that their construction project will be done on time and on budget. An Owner’s Representative is the person responsible for the construction and serves as the representative of the owner.

Individuals who are not familiar with the construction processes often hire an owner’s representative, or an OR, to help oversee any construction project they may have in mind. In this way, their interests are preserved and protected. The owner’s representative often becomes the owner’s eyes, ears and even brains of the project. They manage, oversee and even make decisions to ensure that the project will be completed successfully with no hitches. Even if it sounds simple, the duties of an owner’s representative are not.

During the course of the construction project, the OR may be required to do a lot of things in order for the project to be completed. Aside from being completed on time and on budget it also needs to come out as the owner desired or pictured it to be, both functionally and aesthetically. The ability to handle contractors and other pertinent individuals within and outside of the construction proper is a must in order to achieve such. The OR must be able to successfully handle any and all issues that may arise before, during and after construction.

P.Wolfe offers owner’s representative services to our clients. Our experts will handle the necessary requisites for the project from beginning to end. From handling paperworks necessary to handling contractors and workers for the project, P.Wolfe will be there, every step of the way until the project is completed, signed off and turned over to the owner’s satisfaction.

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