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Builder Pavement Plans or Checklist in Lieu of Plans Required Before Requesting an Inspection

Before you can apply for an inspection for BPP (Builder Pavement Plan) applications, you should have already uploaded to DOB Now, the BPP plans or the Checklist in Lieu of Plans. This change came into effect last August 19, 2016, so we should be well aware.

Upload your BPP Final survey and the BPP plans or Checklist in Lieu of Plans before requesting inspection.  The documents should be uploaded separately and users must ensure proper document type selection from the drop down menu on the site. If the document type is not uploaded, the site will show an error message and you will be unable to request for an inspection.

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For BPP inspections requested before August 19, you will now be required to upload aforementioned documents before the inspection can commence. Failure to upload the documents before the actual date of inspection, then the result of the inspection will be marked as Fail – Final and you will be asked to upload the BPP documents and request for another inspection.

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